About Me

The view from the front porch of my residence, Jan. Of ‘18. I forgot to set my iPad camera to HDR, and also had to up the color intensity, in order to get it closer to what I was seeing. The sunset was spectacular, with a lot of intense red


My name is Jeremy Golding. I was born in Williamsport, PA. I am mainly an amateur digital painter and graphic designer, now starting out with watercolors on paper. I also have an interest in doing oil painting. When I was a kid, I started drawing on paper, while looking at illustrations in books. Over ten years ago I discovered digital painting and other types of graphic design on my PC. I now use an iPad Air to do most of my art, although I love the transparency of watercolor paint, and how it breaks out and does what it wants to. Oil paintings have a rich, thick feel and appearance to them also. 

The vast beauty of nature inspires me, as well as some of the most skilled painters who paint it.  Natural light effects particularly interest me. I am not yet selling anything, but you can find me on Facebook.  Let me know what you think of my work 😉

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