Journey Begins 1

This is just the initial draft of this digital painting. Once I put the values down, relative to what I… was seeing in the photo, I really felt like I was able to paint spontaneously on this one. I plan to make a fully-colored version with more detail. Painted on my iPad Air with a plain stylus 8/17/19. Based on a Creative Commons photo from Pixabay.


The goals with this painting I think were to capture the luminous sunlight reflecting off of the smooth glassy sea… with intensity of color, and the sense of motion of the waves. It would have been great to see this scene in person and digitally paint it from life.
Digital painting done on my iPad Air with Art Set Pro and a plain stylus. Based on a Creative Commons photo 10/18.

Striking 2

Striking 2

Thunderstorms are thoroughly fascinating, the climax being of course the lightning strikes. I have not yet mastered painting lightning bolts… realistically, but i am gradually getting there. Usually I have to rely on photos, on account of the brief nature of a lightning strike. With an iPad, I know you can hold down the camera button for several seconds, and hope to catch one during that burst, but hey–I am sure Pixabay has a ton of free creative commons photos on all kinds of thunderstorms.
Digitally painted on my iPad Air with a finger and stylus. Based on a Creative Commons photo, and finished on 8/2/19.

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