Journey Begins 1

This is just the initial draft of this digital painting. Once I put the values down, relative to what I… was seeing in the photo, I really felt like I was able to paint spontaneously on this one. I plan to make a fully-colored version with more detail. Painted on my iPad Air with a plain stylus 8/17/19. Based on a Creative Commons photo from Pixabay.


The goals with this painting I think were to capture the luminous sunlight reflecting off of the smooth glassy sea… with intensity of color, and the sense of motion of the waves. It would have been great to see this scene in person and digitally paint it from life.
Digital painting done on my iPad Air with Art Set Pro and a plain stylus. Based on a Creative Commons photo 10/18.

First Gold

Spontaneous painting tends to lead to looser, more interesting compositions.  But there needs to be that connection with the ‘essence’… of the scene. As an example, my family and I used to travel down to Delaware to visit my grandparents. They would drive us into Ocean City, Maryland to their condo apartment by the beach. Being at the beach, smelling the salt air,playing in the sand and surf, feeling the waves flow over your feet, and looking out to the horizon, has a profound effect on a person. It did for me. I still feel a connection to the ocean, and it drives me to want to paint it. Combine that with the beauty of sunsets, and you have inspiration to paint the endless variations of ocean and sky.
Digitally painted on my iPad Air using a plain stylus, likely in ‘17. Based on a Creative Commons photo. painted on my iPad Air, based on a Creative Commons photo. Finished on 9/25/16.

Distant Warmth 2b

Distant Warmth 2b

Digitally painted from imagination.

Digitally painted from imagination.  This is a revision of one of my favorite paintings. My preferred style of painting is semi-impressionist. Although I normally do my digital paintings on my iPad, ArtRage for the PC is the most capable application I know for producing digital paintings with a traditional painting appearance. If you have a graphics tablet, even the process is a lot like the real thing, as you smear and scrape thick paint around on a textured surface that the paint interacts with.



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