Journey Begins 1

This is just the initial draft of this digital painting. Once I put the values down, relative to what I… was seeing in the photo, I really felt like I was able to paint spontaneously on this one. I plan to make a fully-colored version with more detail. Painted on my iPad Air with a plain stylus 8/17/19. Based on a Creative Commons photo from Pixabay.

Distant Warmth 2b

Distant Warmth 2b

Digitally painted from imagination.

Digitally painted from imagination.  This is a revision of one of my favorite paintings. My preferred style of painting is semi-impressionist. Although I normally do my digital paintings on my iPad, ArtRage for the PC is the most capable application I know for producing digital paintings with a traditional painting appearance. If you have a graphics tablet, even the process is a lot like the real thing, as you smear and scrape thick paint around on a textured surface that the paint interacts with.



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